Who are We

We have years’ of experience gained in NYSE/TSX listed companies where we used world class best practices and award winning software to prepare filings for exchanges. We understand ¬†your challenges!

What We Do

We provide rigorous, comprehensive and practical training in building automated financial reports. Just imagine your financial statements as an automated document with “live” cells that can be referenced and calculated!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you transform your financial reporting processes and make them more cost- efficient, flexible and faster.

Benefits of automating financial statements

  • Instantly update relevant numbers across all documents (filings, press releases, working papers)
  • Build in diagnostics to ensure consistency and quality
  • Minimize time on repetitive tasks
  • Automatically calculate table totals, periodic changes and prior period figures
  • Create as many documents as you need, all linked to the database: press release, controller’s memo, report for loan convenants